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June 15, 2005

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Dale, who writes the comics.

New site and a review

Welcome to the new site! David has been laboring for sometime on it while I have been doing things like slowly falling asleep while reading. So really he should be introducing it. But look around because there’s a lot of new stuff, including (finally) things which are for sale!

I have a review of new food up at Mcsweeneys.

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David, who draws the comics.

Summertime Ressurection Special

OK, let's run through some of the exciting new features of A Lesson Is Learned... ver. 2.o!

The Comic - The comic with which we launch our new site could hardly be more appropriate. Not only does it pick up our favorite themes of cute animals, laziness and death; it also cleverly parallels the re-launch with a narrative rebirth. Structurally, I'm proud of the descent/ascent of the panel flow, by which the reader accompanies Dale through his reemergence.

Announcements - In a voluntary effort to slaughter our ideals for broader popular success, we have introduced this horrid pillar of vulgarity. We were nervous about alienating MTV watchers, who become abusive when not distracted by high-definition, three-headed media bombardment. Did you hear about Paris Hilton washing the car in that hamburger ad? What a scoop!

Shop - A ton of people have asked us for posters over the past year, and we're finally ready to answer the call! This is some nice looking merchandise! They're eight times sharper than what you see on the site, and the colors thrive in completely different way. The more epic episodes benefit especially, since you can finally look at them all at once.

Patrons - Finally, a way to honor those who have lent support! Here, the proud and beautiful faces of our financial contributors glimmer wisely until the end of history. I wrote to everyone who had contributed $25 or more (at once time) to retroactively show appreciation and get the page started. (Not everyone replied! If you have given but were not contacted, please email me!)

Freebies - Wallpapers and other silly things for decorating your computer are herein offered. This is another thing people have been asking for. If you have any other ideas about what we can give away, let us know.

Mailing List - Well, we still haven't figured out how to get an issue out on a very consistent schedule, but from now on we'll send out an email to let you know when there's new content. See the sidebar for sign-up.

Regarding the general arrangement of things, the site is much easier to get around, with consistent menu placement, and things like that. Also, I'm sure everyone has noticed our signature "arches" have moved from their premier spot... But they are not gone...

It's been almost a year since we launched A Lesson Is Learned..., and it's time to steer the ship into deeper waters.

Thanks for reading,


P.S. I started a thread for discussion of the new site, here. And if you notice anything that doesn't work, technically, like misdirecting links, please leave a note here. Thanks!

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