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May 23, 2006

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Dale, who writes the comics.

7/24 Web Cartoonists' Choice Awards

David has won Outstanding Artist in the Web Cartoonists' Choice Awards, and Outstanding Use of Color, and-- for the second year running, Outstanding Use of Layout. What can I say, he's a maniac.

7/15 - Hungry Ghosts

If you need a little nest egg, or you'd just like to see some very beautiful work my good friends, the brilliant painters Sam Bornstein, Ari Lankin, Azikiwe Mohammed, and Sophie White, have put together a group show of their work. The opening is this Thursday in Manhattan,

Glassworks Building

141 W. 24th Street

Penthouse Buzzer #07

If you can't make it then, gallery hours are Monday through Thursday 7-10 pm, July 24-27. Also by appointment- just email me.

Above is "Red Clouds" by Sam.

5/23 - Mocca

Mocca was a hit as usual, had the pleasure of sitting next to Rosemary on one side, Scott and Kent on the other. Jeff has a complete transcript. However, I'm afraid to say he was wearing a shirt. I didn't ask why. Just read Rosemary’s 55 Word Stories, very beautiful, enviable lines, ""By day he repaired photocopiers, but at night he devoured books on undersea life.", "...fathoms under the sea, the octopuses bake their octopies.", etc.

5/23 - Clouds

Come hear me (briefly) read this Thursday, May 25th at The L Magazine's Literary Upstart Competition at the Baggot Inn in the West Village. I've been told there's free beer.

Also, David and I will be at Mocca Arts Festival June 10-11 in Soho, sharing a booth with my guru and personal spiritual guide, whom the uninitiated call Ryan North.

And finally vote forAri's shoes, if you haven't already.

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David, who draws the comics.

7/12 - More Patrons join the gallery

Three generous contributors -- Nathan, Palio and David Barr -- join the Patrons Gallery today. Look upon their noble visages and feel your soul lifted.

For those unfamiliar with our custom, anyone who donates $25 or more using the Paypal button in the Patrons Gallery has an image of his choice drawn by me and displayed as a testament to his greatness. I'll even make the portrait a link to your web site. (For example, Nathan's undead corpse links to Micro Horror .com, the scariest big collection of little things on the internet!)

I wouldn't usually advertise a malfunction, but since I'm saying thank you, I should include CSC_IV's heroic actions yesterday, which restored our forum from partial-nonfunctionality. Hooray!

6/27 - David Hellman .net LIVES, after a fashion

My online résumé/portfolio has launched at David Hellman .net. Thanks for the input and criticism, those of you who reviewed the unfinished design. Readers of A Lesson... may find cause for mirth, intermittantly, within these pages:

I'll try to keep adding amusing stuff to the "News" section at unpredictable intervals.

In case you're wondering, "davidhellman.com" belongs to a lawyer in California. But don't you like ".net" better anyway?!

6/13 - Bitchez & Hose

Since it's Tuesday, we have a treat for you! It's the comic we were throwing around at MoCCA this weekend. Now we can share it with the world! Click below!

Discuss Bitchez & Hose! or Read the Discussion!

And thank you to everyone who made it to MoCCA!

6/10 - As I Lay Me Down To Sleep, Eventually

It's come to my attention that the current episode doesn't make a lick of sense. I'm sorry. I was drawing mountains and forgot to illustrate the characters properly. Dale's script receives the benefit of the doubt!

So believe me, I'm eager to replace 2-006, either with a revision that clarifies the story, or with the next episode. Speaking of which, 2-007, which draws us to the shores of Labyrinth Isle, is well underway -- just placed on the back burner as we prepare for MoCCA Art Festival 2006! If you're in New York City this weekend, definitely show up! (You'll find us next to a looming Canadian man.) A couple of the things we've made for MoCCA will appear here some time after their debut at the show. Dale and I have talked about using this space to share doodles and other things, to keep the site more lively in between major updates. Well, here's a little something. That's a concept sketch I did before drawing this episode. It's slightly more entertaining than the comic itself.

5/31 - Ryan North Invents "Regret Index"

Ryan North, creator of Dinosaur Comics, today launched an online database of regrets. This user-driven service, called The Amazing Regret Index, promises to alleviate some of those prickly should-I-or-should-I-not scenarios, notwithstanding its gloomy fixation on the past.

The first two questions posed to me by The Regret Index were, "do you regret masturbating twice in one day?" and "do you regret leaking Valerie Plame to the press?"

My answers contributed to each question's "regret index" (a number between 0 and 1, 0 meaning "no regrets" and 1 meaning "crippling contrition") which stand at 0.19 and 0.5, respectively.

Check out Ryan North's Amazing Regret Index!

5/31 - Patrons Gallery Welcomes New Faces, Tycho Brahe Featured

It's always a good day when I can thank our readers for giving us money, and it doesn't hurt when one is Tycho Brahe of Penny Arcade. Dale and I always talked about Penny Arcade in ALILBTDII's formative days. Although the comic is purportedly about gamer culture, that was just the hook; for us, Gabe and Tycho's friendship was the meat. That's where the energy was, both in the stories and behind the scenes, creatively. (Note to vegetarians: I will try to avoid meat locker metaphors in the future.) If you look at our early comics, the Penny Arcade influence is not hard to spot.

Anway, hit the Patrons Gallery and see the new faces! (Click on Tycho's for a large version.)

5/31 - Meet Us at the MoCCA Art Festival on June 10 and 11!

Did I forget to mention this?

From MoCCA's official site:

This year marks the fifth anniversary of New York City’s independent comics showcase – the MoCCA Art Festival. This year’s program features ten panels, slideshows, and special events, spread out over a two-day period. Topics covered include New Yorker cartoons, political comics, new voices, historical memoir,and comic strips from the early twentieth century.

We'll be there, Ryan North will be there, Nick Gurewitch (I think, maybe not??) will be there... It should be very... educational.

5/25 - Ohnorobot "Nobot" Tops are Hot

The "Nobot" guy I designed for Ryan North's web comic search engine Ohnorobot.com is now available in shirt form! These will definitely help you find an S.O., or something more casual if that's what you're about.

Maybe if fifty thousand people buy this shirt, I can dedicate my life to making awesome free comics on the internet!

5/23 - Captive in Rock

These comics take too long to draw...

I will have to figure something out.


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