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August 14, 2004

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Dale, who writes the comics.

the ailanthus altissima

All I did today was take a few boxes of junk to goodwill. Each room of my house is still decorated with a pile of discarded furniture, boxes, and papers, which my sisters insist on sorting through before they are thrown away. It's been raining all day. Though most people consider it a weed, the ailanthus altissima is a very beautiful tree.

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David, who draws the comics.

All The Rage

This week's strip is about things you have to leave behind. Actually, it's about power and its capacity to corrupt. I like the part where we're all in the cube. It reminds me of several things. I think it would make a good t-shirt. I would like to see, at the mall, someone wearing a design of me trapped inside a tiny box. I'm ready to update, but I'm waiting for Dale to finish his writing. I think he's going out to an expensive French restaurant with his girlfriend afterwards.

ITEM! Dale and I are working on an Animated Special for ALILBTTIIR! That means you'll get to see all your favorite characters in life-like motion, with strange voices that don't quite seem to fit. We toyed with the idea of getting professional Shakespearean actors to voice our parts, but I think we'll do it ourselves. Hey, by the way, check out our Links page for a treasure trove of bees and money, dribbling from the nipples of classical sculpture, arrested at fifteen for drinking, drunk many times for thinking that it was okay to be a little bit fried on the inside as long as there's no prude in your attitude. Or you lose, I guess!



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