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September 30, 2004

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Dale, who writes the comics.

Good Morning Readership,

David and I will be at the Small Press Expo in Bethesda this weekend. Just like Otakon we don't have a booth because we are poor, disorganized, and have nothing to sell anyway. But we'll be around, speaking with people, handing out fliers.

If you like what you're seeing on this free website devoid of ads there's two things you can do for us. Give us a little money through paypal, or vote for us in this contest. I don't think we'll win because our readership is modest, but still.

We’ve been late lately. We’re trying to fix that.


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David, who draws the comics.

The bumps on my head have gotten larger.

Oh! Didn’t I tell you there were bumps? Don’t worry; I found out they’re because of my disease.

Yes. I have a disease, but it is not a very bad one. I am allowed to hug but not kiss people.

Tonight feels more like autumn than any day since last autumn. Everyone looking forward to autumn, raise your hands! You are now connected to everyone else doing the same thing!

George Bush was a blustery baby in tonight’s debate. It reminds me of times in high school when I had to B.S. my way through something I knew nothing about. The worst part is thinking about all the people nodding in agreement -- people with whom I will probably never share a milkshake.

Sorry, this was lame. The comic is good, though!

Still of this world,


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