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December 5, 2005

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We have joined Dayfree Press! What does this mean to our loyal readership? Nothing more than identification wristbands and white contact lenses.

Ryan North of Dinosaur Comics and Nick Gurewitch of The Perry Bible Fellowship have contributed scripts to TILE COMICS.

Some new portraits have been added to the Patrons Gallery. Thanks to the magnanimous souls who contributed!


David collaborated with Ryan North on a whispered apology.

The 2005 WebCartoonist Choice Awards selected us for Best Layout.

David and Dale were at the 2005 Mocca Art Festival in NYC June 10 and 11th.

Dale has written a review for Mcsweeney’s in their Reviews of New Food section.

Interviewed by Xenex.org, David and Dale reveal their true ugly natures.

Dale has contributed to Ryan North's collaborative web comic project, Whispered Apologies.

Christopher B. Dino has kindly reviewed our comic in his blog, Totally Jawesome.

Here A Lesson Is Learned is discussed in a lively debate over conceptual webcomics.


There is a review of A Lesson Is Learned in The Webcomics Examiner.


Archaic creature climbs out of primordial ooze. Dreams of new life for disgusting ooze covered family.

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Dale, who writes the comics.

The truth about the Jamaican Honey Bee Squirrel

Hi readers,

I hope you enjoy the new episode. As of late, I've gotten a lot of
questions about the JBS, and I hope I can answer some below.

Is there really such a thing as the Jamaican Honey Bee Squirrel?

Yes, he does exist. Descended from a great white choc-o-dile, he
mates by entering the hatchery with a stolen keycard. He is
supposedly able to blind his enemies by wish alone. His belly is made
of grass. A notorious lazybones, he watches tv but does not know it
is not real.

Can I order one?

No, I'm afraid they're protected by my insecure love.

Can I find one in the wild?

Chances are slim. In 1986, a JBS crashed his corvette into a
supermarket in northern California. Subsequently, he was recovered
from the curb weeping in to his pack of cigarettes, but soon slipped
the bread ties EMS jury-rigged as crude restraints, and made his way
to a rope of gauze, ultimately escaping on the back of a pigeon.

What is the JBS's sexual orientation?

The JBSs host communal "love-ins" or "hippie-style" inversion
throw-back jamfests, in which it's been rumored, anything goes.

How does the JBS taste?

They taste delicious.

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David, who draws the comics.

Animals Displace Us

Just like last year, we're the first in The Webcomic Examiner's list of The Best Webcomics of 2005!

Coincidentally, I just drew a cover for them!

Man, I'm sleepy!

- David

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